English yew jewellery box

English yew jewellery box
Yew jewellery box with lid just open
The box has jewellery storage trays
There are two storage trays
The trays with jewellery
Close up of yew box lid

Dimensions: 130mm (h) x 310mm (w) x 210mm (d).

Materials:  English yew, ash, fumed oak. Oil and wax finish. Burgundy velvet linings.

Price:  Sold. Please contact me if you are interested in having something similar to this made for purchase.

The yew from which this box is made has an interesting history. The tree was cut down a good few years ago by the person who commissioned this box, as he is a tree surgeon by profession. The box was a commission for his wife.

This jewellery box was made from a single plank of yew. Normally as a timber, yew is very wasteful as there are large numbers of defects. What was unusual about this timber was how clean and defect free it was. In addition, this yew has a very rich orange and brown grain.

Inside the box are two removable jewellery storage trays, each with a different configuration of storage compartments. The trays and the box is lined with rich burgundy coloured velvet.

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