Ripple sycamore jewellery box

Large ripple sycamore jewellery box
Top of jewellery box
Jewellery box open
Removable storage trays
Top level storage trays
Large storage tray
Bottom storage area
Close view of the box

Dimensions: 160mm (h) x 405mm (w) x 255mm (d).

Materials:  Ripple sycamore, sycamore, beech, walnut. Box and trays lined with aubergine colour faux suede.

Price:  Available for purchase, priced at £1195, from my online shop.

The ripple sycamore used on the lid of this box has the grain pattern running diagonally across the surface. This arrangement of the grain gives the lid an interesting eye catching detail.

Inside the box are three removable jewellery storage trays, with a large void area underneath which is ideal for storing larger items. The box and trays are lined with an aubergine faux suede.

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