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Small pieces of wood equals small drawers

Table top jewellery chests of drawers. Really, they are just small pieces of furniture. Every thing about the construction of them is the same as a full size item. They are just miniature.

Ash drawer sides
Made from ash, these pieces form the sides of the drawers

When you see pieces of wood like this, it can only mean one thing - small drawers.

The construction of them compared to a full size drawer is similar. The wood is machined down to final size slowly, to allow the timber to rest and move - wood for drawers needs to be as straight and as stable as possible.

A groove in the pieces is added for the drawer bottom.

Some sort of joinery is required. It could be a mitre joint, it could be dovetails, it could be a butt joint with hidden splines.

The ash drawers are glued up
The drawers glued up

The glue up of the drawers is the same. It doesn't matter if they are full size drawers, or as in this case small ones - they must just be square.

It can be hard to fit a drawer that isn't square into a carcass. Not impossible, but not always easy. So make sure when gluing up they stay square!

How? Make sure the pressure across the joint is even. Check the two diagonal measurements, and if square they should be the same. If not, adjusting the clamps will square it up.

Olive ash jewellery chest of drawers
Jewellery chest of drawers made from olive ash

Once glued up, the drawers are fitted into the carcass of the jewellery chest.

This one is made from olive ash and walnut. The sides of the carcass are curved, the legs also follow this curve. I have made a couple of jewellery chest of drawers similar to this in the past.

The drawer fronts are still needed.....these too will be made from olive ash.

Sycamore jewellery chest of drawers
Jewellery chest of drawers made from sycamore

Here is the other jewellery chest I am making, once again drawer fronts need to be added.

This one is made from sycamore and may have seen something similar before. This is a scaled down version of a pair of full sized chest of drawers that can be seen on my furniture website.

Jewellery chests of drawers. Just small furniture really.

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