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Making dust (and noise too!)

Let's make some dust and noise!!! Using a Kutzall sanding disc in an angle grinder to curve a walnut lid that is for a jewellery box. The sanding disc is a quick way of removing wood and getting close to the shape I want.

Once I am close to the finished profile, I swap to using hand planes - here I am using a Record No.4.

The hash pencil lines on the timber give me an indication of where I have worked the wood. I plane across the wood, and when all the marks are gone, I know that pass is complete.

Swapping to a small block plane, I have more control of the final shaping.

Once I have finished with the planes, I swap to sandpaper and work through the grits.

The finished lid, oiled and drying.

This lid is curved on both sides, the outside convex and the inside concave.

The handle detail follows the grain pattern.

It takes a while to shape something like this, but the result is always very pleasing.

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