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I just wanted one more

For the upcoming Handmade at Kew event, which I am exhibiting at, I wanted to make one more jewellery box. But time was short. I only had a week give or take, so it was one of those cases of work-smart (and work late).

So it all starts with a plank of wood, in this case it is ripple red oak. The term ’ripple’ is used because there is a ripple like pattern running through the grain - think of the pattern on a beach when the tide makes a ripple pattern in the sand. It is just like that.

I waved the magic wand of woodworking and.....a jewellery box has appeared! Okay I don’t have a wand, I just forgot to take pictures.

So this jewellery box is made from ripple red oak, with a top panel of walnut burr. Inside the box are two lift of jewellery storage trays. Under the bottom tray is a void space for storing larger items. The box and trays are lined with mauve faux suede.

I decided to shape the handle into the timber of the jewellery box, rather than applying a handle. A scary process this way, as the box has to be completed and if anything went wrong......

So I did make the box in time. I put the hours in, but at the end of the day I am happy to have one more jewellery box for the show.

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