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Can't see the timber for the trees

The other weekend while wandering around Kew Gardens, it was time for a sit down in the shade (it was a hot day) to have a drink of water and apply some suntan cream. The tree gave some magnificent shade and some well earned rest.

It was then I noticed that the tree was a Red oak, a native of North America, and strangely enough I had some rough planks of Red oak in the workshop that I was planning to machine up the following day to make some small ring/jewellery boxes.

The pictures below show the tree, the name, the rough planks (how I receive them from the timber merchant) and the planks once they have been machined down and are ready to be cut to length for the jewellery box sides.

So what does a jewellery box from Red oak look like? The 'Collar and Cuff' boxes in my gallery are made from Red oak, and the wood used for these boxes also has something called a 'ripple', which gives it a sort of shimmering effect. Not all Red oak has it, but the timber merchant I use had some in stock.

While on the subject of Kew, I will be exhibiting at 'Handmade at Kew' which runs from the 4th - 8th October 2018. If you want to find out more about the show nearer the time, then please subscribe to my news letters.

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