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New website, new ideas

Updated: Feb 15, 2018

So for the last few weeks on and off I have been creating a new website. I have been meaning to do this for the last year or so, but couldn't decide what to use to do the creation.

My last website was hand built by me. It was clever and had loads of C# code behind the scenes creating various pages on the fly. It made it easy to add items to the gallery. Plus I am also sort of an IT geek.

But I wanted the site to be mobile friendly, as today this is important and sites get lower search rankings if not. I just didn't want to go through the process of recoding it all.

So here is the new site. I have more plans too, for example an on-line shop where my boxes can be purchased from. But first I am slowly adding the backlog of images of boxes I made but never put on the old site, as I knew it would be migrated sometime.

Anyway, enjoy!

Tags: #handmadeboxes, #finewoodenjewelleryboxes, #finehandmadeboxes, #beautifulboxes, #bespokejewelleryboxes

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