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Making of....Pop-up lid cuff link boxes

I have made some of these boxes in the past, and they proved very popular. My idea behind them was to make a box that cuff links, rings or ear rings could be stored. Nothing with multiple layers of trays, and no hinged lid to add complexity. So a lid that popped up was a good solution.

The idea was that from one plank of ash (the timber I was going to make the actual box from), I would make as many as possible. Turned out this was going to be forty six boxes, and that is a lot of individual parts. A lot!

Each box has four sides. Four time forty six is a big number, especially when each side has a mitre cut on each end, a groove to accept the base of the box, and the two long sides have another small groove too.

In this picture, the smaller sides are at the top of the image, while the longer sides at the bottom with some masking tape stuck over the big and little groove. I am just about to apply the internal finish of shellac and the masking tape stops it going where it shouldn't.

Each box has dividers inside to stop the cuff links, rings or ear rings getting into a horrid twisted mess.

That is two long dividers and three short dividers per box. And the slots (called 'halving joints' in the woodwork world) cut into them. These joints allow two long pieces and the three short pieces to plug into each other to make the dividers.

I have the pieces bundled up with elastic bands to stop loosing them!

Here is a finished divider. The halving joints make the construction easy, and provides a strong joint once glued.

Each box has a lid too, otherwise the contents will get all dusty!

I make the lids by sticking thin strips of wood together. In the picture, the walnut lids (the chocolate colour ones) are each made from four individual pieces per lid. The sapele lids (the golden colour ones) are also made from four individual strips per lid.

There is a small dimple at the end of each lid. This is pressed to make the lid pop-up.

Here is a complete box with a walnut lid.

On the corners of the box are smaller 'mitre keys'. These not only add strength to the joint, but also add an interesting detail.

Press on the dimple and slide to the left.......

.....and the box will open.

The box is lined with a burgundy velvet, which gives a good contrast with jewellery.

Each box has twelve compartments in a 3x4 layout. These compartments can be lifted out of the box if not required.

Of course cuff links, rings or ear rings are not the only things that can be stored in there. Maybe some coins, or small sea shells, who knows?

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