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A place to store time - part 3

It is always exciting to visit the veneer merchant and select some veneer for a project you are working on.

Just to break the illusion of what a veneer merchant is....don't imagine a small shed with dusty shelves holding the odd leaves of exotic wood. Think more on the line of a massive industrial unit on a nondescript estate, swept clean and tidy, stacked floor to ceiling on pallets hold exotic veneer.

This roll of veneer is for the watch boxes, and is is Macassar ebony.

Here I am working out the layout on cutting of the veneer in order for the grain to 'wrap' all around the box. It isn't hard to work out the cutting order, but you do need to thing about to make the cuts (imagine a box and you squash it flat and looking at where the corners of the box were).

Each set of veneers have to be marked with a series number, and marks to show which pieces join at the corners.

Here is vertical face veneer has been glued to the box side, and I am checking that the 'wrap' around effect works. Which it does of course, because of all the careful marking of the veneer (trumpet, blow!)

Once all the outer surfaces are veneered, the box top will have ebony applied, then the base is fitted.

Then comes the next past - removing the lid. After all that work effort.....don't mess up!

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