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A place to store time - part 2

In the last post in this multi-part blog entry, I was showing how the core of the jewellery boxes were made, and some of the veneering techniques I used.

Although I am making eleven boxes in this series, there are two different types. There eight boxes of a standard type (lift out compartmentalized tray and a lower 'void' area), and three boxes made specifically for the storage of watches on small watch pillows.

The watch pillow boxes have three fixed sized compartments, into which the pillows will be placed. No tray, just compartments.

I have to cut parallel slots on opposite long sides of the boxes, that will take the pillow dividers.

Not having a CNC machine or anything automatic, I went back to basics and made a jig that allows the slots to be cut to an exact length and at an exact position from each edge of the box.

You can't see what is happening here, but just imagine some magic going on.

In reality, I have a 6mm router bit fitted, and a guide bush on the router that travels in a slot to control the length and position of the cut.

The actual making of the jig took much much longer that cutting the slots, but that is how it is. Jigs take a long time to make, and the task they are designed to do takes seconds!

Slots cut in the box sides to take dividers.

This is also a good pictures as it shows how the boxes are constructed. Mitre joints are used, and the solid wood insert can be seen where the lid will be removed once the box is glued up. Rebates top and bottom for the lid top and base.

Here are the dividers that will be used. Made from American walnut. Little tenons cut on them. How did I do them? With my trusty router, of course. It really is the number one tool around the workshop.

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