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A place to store time - part 1

I had this idea that I would make some jewellery boxes that could (and I say could) be used to keep cufflinks, collar stiffeners and watches safe. Of course, they could be used to stores rings, ear rings and bracelets. That is the great thing...use the box as you seem fit.

The first part of making these boxes is to prepare the box 'inner', it's core onto which the veneer will be applied.

These box cores are made from 12mm MDF and have solid pieces of wood in certain places. The large stripe running through the middle of the cores is where the cut will be made to remove the box lid from the box bottom.

There are many ways to make boxes, this is the method I use for veneered boxes.

The next stage is to glue the veneer onto both surfaces of the core. One surface will be the inside of the box, while the other surface will be an underlay for the outer veneer.

Normally when gluing the veneer, I would use the bag vacuum press, but it just happened there was no space in the workshop to unpack the bag and set it all up. So I am using a much more low tech method - cauls and loads of F clamps.

You can never have too many clamps!

I use Titebond Cold Press Veneer glue, as I find that it really does work well, and does not seep and bleed through the veneer. Takes about an hour to go off, so to veneer all the pieces for the eleven boxes being made, took about a day and a half. Of course I can do other tasks while waiting for the glue to dry, I am not just sitting there drinking coffee!

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