Ash and chestnut burr mitre jewellery box

Ash and chestnut burr jewellery box
The jewellery box has two trays
Miire key joinery on the box
The jewellery box and two trays
Close up of the chestnut burr lid
Hinge detail on the jewellery box

Dimensions: 122mm (h) x 303mm (w) x 189mm (d)

Materials:  Ash, chestnut burr, with an oil and wax finish. Burgundy velvet linings.

Price:  Made to order - guide price of £725. Please contact me if you are interested in having this item made for purchase.

This box is made from ash with a chestnut burr lid.

Little black 'mitre keys' are added to both the box and tray joints to not only add strength but to also add an eye catching detail.

Inside the box there are two lift out trays. Both the trays and the box are lined with a rich burgundy colour velvet.

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