Sycamore jewellery cabinet

This dressing table sized jewellery cabinet was commissioned by the client to celebrate his wife’s birthday. He wanted something either very dark or very pale but otherwise gave no suggestions.​

The cabinet is designed with gentle curves. The doors curve outwards, while the cabinet sides curve inwards. Making the cabinet from pale sycamore with a dark ebony detail fits in with the client's request.​

Pegs on the inside of the doors are for hanging necklaces, while the four drawers, lined with kid leather, are partitioned to store smaller items. The shelves and drawer partitions are all removable.

Materials: Sycamore, ebony, oak.

Size: 380mm (h) x 240mm (w) x 195mm (d).

Price: Item sold. Please contact me if you are interested in having this item made for purchase.