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Sycamore and bog oak jewellery box

Made from ripple sycamore with a bog oak details, this jewellery box has a bit of a 1920's look to it. Inside the box are three removable jewellery storage trays, with each tray having a different compartment configuration. The box and the trays are lined with a faux suede.​

Bog oak is basically oak that has been lying in a peat bog for many years. It doesn't rot as there is no oxygen in the bog, so machines and works just like normal oak. When in the bog, the oak changes colour and becomes almost completely black. This bog oak has come from a bog where the wood has been dated to be approximately 4500 years old, so the tree was living when Stonehenge was being built!

Materials: Ripple sycamore, bog oak, ash, purple faux suede linings.

Size: 140mm (h) x 315mm (w) x 190mm (d).

Price: Sold.

Please contact me if you are interested in having a item similar to this box made.

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