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English yew jewellery box

The yew from which this box is made has an interesting history. The tree was cut down a good few years ago by the person who commissioned this box, as he is a tree surgeon by profession. The box was a commission for his wife.​

This jewellery box was made from a single plank of yew. Normally as a timber, yew is very wasteful as there are large numbers of defects. What was unusual about this timber was how clean and defect free it was. In addition, this yew has a very rich orange and brown grain.

Inside the box are two removable jewellery storage trays, each with a different configuration of storage compartments. The trays and the box is lined with rich burgundy coloured velvet.

Materials: English yew, ash, fumed oak. Oil and wax finish. Burgundy velvet linings.

Size: 130mm (h) x 310mm (w) x 210mm (d).

Price: Sold.

Please contact me if you are interested in having a item similar to this box made.

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