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Yew jewellery box

These three boxes are made from the same English yew as the large jewellery box, and actually made for the same client. He wanted three boxes; one for himself, one for his daughter and one for his son. The boxes are also made from a single plank of yew, and that helps keep the continuity going.​

The lids of the boxes are curved front to back, with the handle of each following the flow of the grain, and the lids are taken from the plank in sequence, so when next to each other the grain flows. Once again this helps with the continuity.​

The boxes are finished with oil and wax, and lined with burgundy velvet.

Materials: English yew. Oil and wax finish. Burgundy velvet linings.

Size: 115mm (h) x 276mm (w) x 170mm (d).

Price: Sold.

Please contact me if you are interested in having a item similar to this box made.

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