Gallery Pages

Below is the gallery of my boxes. If you click on the image of the box you will be able to see more pictures and read a little about the box itself.

Some of these boxes are currently available to buy. The individual page for the box will tell you this. If the box is out of stock or was a one-off bespoke piece, then it is possible that another one similar can be made. This will normally take between four to six weeks, depending on the materials that are required. Always check with my online shop to see what I have ready for dispatch now.

Of course if you see a style of box but would like a different design, or wood type, or size, then please contact me as I would be pleased to make another version. That is the great thing about handmade boxes – they can be made to your exact requirement.

Jewellery boxes

Oak sculptured surface jewellery box
Ripple sycamore jewellery box
Englis oak curved lid jewellery box
Ash 'Winding Paths' jewellery box
English walnut jewelley box
oak and poplar business card box
Oak burr jewellery box
Macassar ebony watch box
English walnut jewellery box
Sycamore and bog oak jewellery box
Macassar ebony jewellery box
English oak jewellery boxes
Cufflink and collar stiffener box
Three yew jewellery boxes
English walnut jewellery box
Cufflink and collar stiffener box
Jewellery box made from English yew
Flow II - Oak jewellery box
Oak and poplar burr jewellery box
Dovetailed winding paths jewellery box
Poplar burr jewellery box
Curved lid yew jewellery box
Birds eye maple jewellery box
Brown oak jewellery box
Big sister jewellery box
Little sister jewellery box
Satin walnut jewellery box
Walnut burr mitre jewellery box
Ash and oak burr jewellery box
Ash and chestnut burr jewellery box
Pop-up lid cufflink box

Jewellery chests of drawers and other cabinets

Sycamore jewellery chest
Olive ash jewellery chest
Walnut chest of drawers
Sycamore jewellery cabinet
Left-right curve jewellery chest
Walnut jewellery chest
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