Pop-up lid cufflink, ring or ear ring box

Pop-up lid cufflink, ear ring box
Jewellery box for cufflinks
Ear ring jewellery box
Cufflink storage box

Dimensions: 45mm (h) x 230mm (w) x 160mm (d)

Materials:  Ash and American walnut. Felt lining. Oil and wax finish.

Price:  £140. Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing this item.

This box is made to store smaller items of jewellery, for example, cufflinks, rings or earrings. In fact any small item can be stored in the box - a collection of sea-shells perhaps?

To open the box, simply push down on the indent in the lid. The lid will then ‘pop-up’ and can be lifted or slid off the box.

Inside the box is divided into fifteen smaller compartments. The box is lined with green felt material.

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