Cufflink and collar stiffener box - oak burr

Oak burr cufflink box
Cufflink box from oak burr
Oak cufflink jewellery box
Collar stiffener cufflink box

Dimensions: 60mm (h) x 285mm (w) x 45mm (d).

Materials:  Ripple red oak, oak burr, fumed oak. Oil and wax finish. Navy blue velvet linings.

Price:  Made to order - guide price of £335. Please contact me if you are interested in having this item made for purchase.

This jewellery box was designed to hold cufflinks and collar stiffeners (collar bones), hence the different sized compartments inside the box.

The handle is a small loop of leather inset into the lid of the box. Along with the navy blue velvet linings, the box has a more masculine feel.

The box is made from ripple red oak with a lid panel of poplar burr. The mitre keys and box edgings are made from fumed oak.

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