Oak cluster jewellery cabinet

Full sized cabinet made for storage of jewellery.
With the door just open, the drawers can be seen.
There are tweleve different sized drawers in the cabinet.
Each drawer had a different jewellery compartment configuration.
There is plenty of storage space for jewellery of all sizes.
The drawers are lined with a sage green felt material.

This full size piece of furniture is taken from my bespoke furniture website, but as the piece was made to store jewellery, I thought I would also add it to my Handmade Box site.

After seeing a drinks cabinet I was exhibiting, the clients wanted exactly the same exterior for a jewellery storage cabinet.

The cabinet has twelve drawers, each varying in height. In nine of the drawers there are drop in dividers used to hold different sized pieces of jewellery, while the bottom three drawers are undivided for the storage of very large items. The drawers are lined with sage green felt.

Materials:  Oak cluster, fumed oak, oak. Oil and wax finish.

Dimensions:  950mm (h) x 640mm (w) x 485mm (d)

Price:  £5200 - made to order. Please contact me if you are intrested in having this item made for purchase.